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Philadelphia2035: The Comprehensive Plan is a two-phase effort.


First is the citywide plan, now known as the Citywide Vision.  Next, 18 District Plans — covering every neighborhood of Philadelphia—will be prepared over several years to focus the Citywide Vision’s broad recommendations more specifically and geographically.

The Citywide vision was adopted by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission on June 7, 2011. It is organized into four chapters:

  • Defining The Context
  • Building On Our Stengths
  • Framing Our Future
  • Making It Happen

There is also an appendix with reference materials and acknowledgments.



Download the Phila2035 Citywide Vision (70mb)



2016 Philadelphia2035 Calendar + Annual Report is Here!

This calendar is the PCPC’s Philadelphia2035 Annual Implementation update and can be downloaded here. To track the implementation of Philadelphia2035, the PCPC has created this calendar highlighting the achievements of the past year.


Hard copies are still available at the Planning Commission offices; 1515 Arch Street, 13th Floor.

Citywide Vision is available for download

Click here to download the full plan (70mb PDF), or click here for the summary document (6mb).

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