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In 2035, people, goods, and ideas move effortlessly between neighborhoods, the region, and the world, driving economic prosperity. Reliable and efficient transportation serve a population that is more energy conscious than ever before.

The CONNECT theme is an umbrella covering recommendations related to Transportation and Utilities. Unlike the THRIVE theme, which recommends policies and projects affecting privately held properties across the city, CONNECT is focused almost exclusively on public infrastructure.

At the citywide level, major policy recommendations in CONNECT include:

  • identifying funding to ensure a state of good repair for all infrastructure systems
  • moving forward on improvements and expansions to our transportation systems, including new transit lines, a bikeshare network, a fully integrated trail system, more complete streets, and functional highways.
  • re-engineering the built environment to maximize pedestrian safety and comfort
  • investing in the expansion of our air- and sea-ports
  • Reducing energy use, waste, and expanding technology infrastructure to serve everyone




Citywide Vision is available for download

Click here to download the full plan (70mb PDF), or click here for the summary document (6mb).

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