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In 2035, Philadelphia preserves and renews its environmental and historic resources. The city showcases centuries of growth and change, treasured parks and rivers, valued culture and architecture, and clean air and water.

The RENEW theme presents strategies about Open Space, Environmental Resources, Historic Preservation, and the Public Realm. These planning elements make up the final component of the built environment: THRIVE deals with mostly with buildings, both public and private; CONNECT deals with the streets, rails, and utilities that connect and serve these buildings; and RENEW focuses mostly on the other systems that fill in the rest of the space in the city: waterfronts, parks, squares, and how those impact our environment and our experience out and about in the public realm.

At the citywide level, recommendations within RENEW include:

  • Expanding public access to both rivers through a trail system and new parks
  • Investing in the existing park inventory (greening schoolyards, rec center yards, and other potential neighborhood gathering spaces), while seeking funding for signature new parks including the Reading Viaduct and Penn’s Landing Park.
  • Supporting the Water Department’s ambitious green stormwater infrastructure projects in all corners of the city
  • focusing available resources on



Citywide Vision is available for download

Click hereĀ to download the full plan (70mb PDF), or click here for the summary document (6mb).

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