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In 2035, Philadelphia is a thriving metropolis. It is a city built on healthy neighborhoods and a diverse economy offering opportunity to everyone. Cultural and institutional resources and new enterprises flourish, and land is used in suitable and vibrant ways.

The THRIVE theme is an umbrella covering recommendations related to land use, the central focus of any comprehensive plan. The use of land – managing vacancy, directing growth, preserving open space, community assets, and historic resources, attracting development – has impacts on every other aspect of the built environment. The PCPC makes recommendations about land use and tools that influence it. Zoning is the most direct land use tool the PCPC and City have to encourage various kinds of development in various locations. Beyond zoning regulations, PCPC can work with the city’s land-owning agencies, housing agencies, community development corporations, and private developers to shape the physical environment.

The THRIVE section contains three chapters: Neighborhoods, Economic Development and Land Management. Each of these planning elements offers policy recommendations organized according to goals, objectives and strategies.

At the citywide level, major policy recommendations include:

  • the creation of a single management agency for tracking and disposing of public lands
  • zoning remapping to encourage growth of strong business sectors and healthy, mixed-use neighborhoods
  • implement land tax policies that discourage holding onto vacant property
  • directing population and job growth to established and emerging centers with the infrastructure necessary to support them, including Center City, University City, The Navy Yard, and a variety of neighborhood centers across the city.



Citywide Vision is available for download

Click here to download the full plan (70mb PDF), or click here for the summary document (6mb).

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