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The Lower South Health Impact Assessment estimates a tenfold increase in bicycle commuting after construction of a bike route into the Navy Yard.


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During the Lower South District Plan process, PCPC’s Healthy Communities Coordinator worked with the planning team, the Steering Committee, and partner city agencies to conduct a Health Impact Assessment examining the impact that major projects would have  on health-related factors such as air quality, transportation mode, physical activity, land use patterns, and access to services. Specifically, the HIA explored:

  • To what extent an extension of the Broad Street Subway into the Navy Yard would encourage current employees to shift travel modes to work, and how this would affect rates of physical activity, vehicle miles traveled, and auto congestion;
  • To what extent the creation of a dedicated bicycle facility, such as a cycletrack or sidepath, along Broad Street into The Navy Yard would encourage more trips by bicycle in and out of The Navy Yard, and what effects this might have on physical activity, traffic safety, and overall mortality;
  • Whether proposed land use changes, including new development on city-owned sites, would have positive or negative impacts on residents’ access to goods and services.

The HIA’s primary data collection tool was a new survey of Navy Yard employees, which received over 1400 responses. Survey responses showed that new infrastructure in this district could have transformative effects on people’s transportation behavior, and by extension, their health and well-being.

The Navy Yard's ongoing success as a major employment node within our Metropolitan Subcenter means steadily increasing levels of car traffic to and from The Navy Yard. Transportation alternatives could simultaneously reduce congestion (to levels lower than current day), improve air quality, and encourage active commuting via rail, bike, and foot..

Read the HIA Summary Report.




Planning & Health in West Park

A new report from PCPC and the Department of Public Health examines the West Park District Plan’s content through the lens of improving community health.

Lower South HIA completed

The Lower South HIA focuses on key project recommendations from the Lower South District Plan and their potential impact on health outcomes.

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