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The Healthy Planning Toolbox is a set of quantitative and qualitative spa­tial assessment tools designed to assist planners and community members identify opportunities to im­prove health.

Currently, the Toolbox contains 3 tools, each described below:

PHILATool (Planning & Health Indicator List & Assessment Tool): Based on 20 health-supportive objectives of the Citywide Plan, PHILATool allows staff to track and analyze dozens of health, demographics, and built environment indicators to better understand baseline conditions and inform decisions at the district level. We hope to develop an interactive online version of PHILATool in the future.

BEAT (Bicycling Environmental Audit Tool): This survey tool helps characterize intersections and street segments by how well they support a safe and comfortable cycling environment. High crash rate locations and corridors where new facilities are proposed according to the city’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan are a couple potential pilot applications.

WAT (Walkability Assessment Tool): The WAT is a survey tool that allows staff to record data on a set of indicators shown to affect safety in the pedestrian environment.

The City Planning Commission will post findings, maps, and report periodically on this site as we begin to apply these tools in district plans. We will continue to refine the content of existing tools and welcome any feedback as city staff and partner organizations employ them.




Planning & Health in West Park

A new report from PCPC and the Department of Public Health examines the West Park District Plan’s content through the lens of improving community health.

Lower South HIA completed

The Lower South HIA focuses on key project recommendations from the Lower South District Plan and their potential impact on health outcomes.

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