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Our focus on Healthy Communities in Philadelphia2035 is the result of an exciting new partnership with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, which engaged the City Planning Commission to be a part of Get Healthy Philly. This $25.4 million dol­lar initiative is made possible by funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, and involves a number of city agencies and private partners working together for a healthy, active, and smoke-free Philadelphia.

Get Healthy Philly efforts focus on schools and after-school settings, workplaces, community food sources, the built environment, and the city’s messaging and policy contexts. The ultimate goal is to improve weight-related outcomes, including population-wide and population-specific overweight/obesity prevalence and incidence.

The Get Healthy Philly team includes several city agencies and a number of key non-governmental partners, all of whom work together to make healthy choices the default in Philadelphia, making it America’s most nutrition-conscious and active city: where people shop for fresh, healthy foods in their neighborhood farmers’ markets and corner stores; walk and bike on their daily commutes or get off the bus 3 stops early to walk the last few blocks; where children are provided nourishing and appetizing school meals and where they do not have to sell candy to raise money for school trips; where employers offer healthy vending options, onsite gyms and accessible stairwells; where breastfeeding is the norm and sugary drinks are priced to reflect their health-related costs to society.  This vision is becoming a reality in Philadelphia through Get Healthy Philly.

Planning and zoning address two of Get Healthy Philly’s themes: Making healthy foods more accessible and affordable for Philadelphians; and Promoting physical activity in daily living. To learn more about the other components of Get Healthy Philly, visit



Planning & Health in West Park

A new report from PCPC and the Department of Public Health examines the West Park District Plan’s content through the lens of improving community health.

Lower South HIA completed

The Lower South HIA focuses on key project recommendations from the Lower South District Plan and their potential impact on health outcomes.

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