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District Plan Goals

Advance Philadelphia2035 goals

District plans take major ideas from the Citywide Vision and apply those recommendations at the local level.

Guide zoning remapping

A key product of the District Plans are a future land use map and a proposed zoning map to guide zoning map revisions.

Focus Areas

Many districts have underutilized areas at key locations. District plans include long-term visions for these areas.

Capital facilities planning

A district plan will study the location and effectiveness of City facilities such as libraries and playgrounds.

Enhance the public realm

The plan will recommend improvements to public spaces including streetscape, landscape, parks and plazas.

Improve community health

District plans will seek to improve access to healthy foods, facilitate physical activity, and promote healthy lifestyles.

Coordinate neighborhood plans

District plans will look at previous community plans for input and set priorities for future neighborhood plans.

Involve the public

Citizen engagement will be an important part of district plans.

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