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PCPC staff and partner City agencies created a series of existing conditions memos to kick off the Central Northeast District Plan. Read our existing conditions memos.

Central Northeast District at a Glance

The Central Northeast District covers an area of 6.51 square miles and has a total population of 78,266 residents (2010 census). This district is one of the fastest growing and most ethnically diverse in the city, and is home to a large percentage of residents who are foreign-born. The district includes the neighborhoods of Fox Chase, Bell’s Corner, Burholme, Rhawnhurst, Lexington, Lawndale, Castor Gardens, and Upper Northwood. Most of the 1,600 acre Pennypack Creek Park is within the district.

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As the district’s neighborhoods welcome a younger and more ethnically diverse mix of households, and as the district’s commercial centers and hospitals modernize, the Central Northeast is looking to accommodate new demands while preserving the unique character of the existing building stock and maintaining the high quality of life enjoyed by residents. From 1980 to 2010, population increased 8 percent, with forecasts for continued moderate growth.

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The Central Northeast District hosts several large employers that provide goods and services to people from beyond the district. The district is home to 28,200 resident workers; almost 2,000 hold jobs within the district and 26,300 commute to jobs in other parts of the city and region. About 15,600 workers travel into the district to work from elsewhere. However, the district primarily serves as an attractive residential community for workers who desire convenient access to jobs in other parts of the city and region. The largest single destination of outbound work commuters is Center City, the metropolitan center.

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