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Central Zoning Remapping

As a culmination of the existing conditions, community input, and plan recommendations, a future land use map is created and zoning remappings are recommended. In addition, the Central District Plan includes a Zoning Appendix (link) which details proposed zoning changes by quadrant and neighborhood. The Central District Plan recommends 17 priority remappings overall: six corrective zoning remappings and 11 zoning remappings to advance the plan.

Corrective Zoning aligns zoning with existing land use.

Of the six priority corrective zoning remappings, four have been completed and two are in progress. Corrective remappings have been completed in Chinatown, Northern Liberties, Old City, and Society Hill

Zoning to Advance the Plan encourages new development and land uses envisioned by the community through the district planning process. These recommendations are based on the future land use map, not the land use that exists today.

Of the eleven priority zoning remappings to advance the plan, two have been completed, four are in progress, two have not yet been started, and 3 are being further studied (Washington Avenue and TOD Overlays).  Zoning remappings to advance the plan have been completed in Northern Liberties and on Ridge Avenue in Francisville.

In 2015, we are working on remappings (both corrective and to advance the plan) in the following Central District Neighborhoods:

  • Bella Vista
  • Callowhill / Chinatown North
  • Callowhill East (Old City, north of Vine Street)
  • Logan Square
  • Poplar
  • Rittenhouse Square
  • Southwest Center City



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