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Focus Area locations FNE mapThe Focus Areas for the Far Northeast Districts Plan include the areas surrounding the Regional Rail stations of Forest Hills and Somerton and the Old Bustleton Town Center, the area around the historic settlement of Bustleton at the intersections of Welsh Road and Bustleton and Grant Avenues.

While the surrounding land use characterize Forest Hills Station as a neighborhood hub, the commercial node at Bustleton and Philmont Avenues and its proximity to the County Line make Somerton Station a gateway to the Far Northeast. The plan will explore opportunities for improving service, capacity, and pedestrian connections to these stations, with recommendations for public and private investment in streets, rail, and buildings. Pedestrian safety and transit-oriented development are major themes.

FNE Somerton Station existing conditions FNE Forest Hills Byberry Road existing conditions

Due to its history as a colonial settlement for Welsh and English immigrants, the Old Bustleton Town Center Focus Area possesses a rich history in its historic structures and an interesting mix of land use. However, much of the development in the last half-century transformed this area into an auto-services and repair district. The plan will explore opportunities to transform the historic junction into a modern neighborhood destination by improving walkability, protecting historic assets, providing trail connections, and creating a new town center gathering space.

Old Bustleton Focus Area Historic 1730 Old Bustleton Focus Area Express Tire Service



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