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Lower North Zoning Remapping

As a culmination of the existing conditions, community input, and plan recommendations, a future land use map is created and zoning remappings are recommended. The Lower North District Plan recommends one priority remapping covering a variety of neighborhoods: changing RM-1 (multi-family) zoning to RSA-5 (single-family zoning) to preserve single-family blocks. The plan contains 12 zoning recommendations overall: five corrective zoning remappings and seven zoning remappings to advance the plan.

Corrective Zoning aligns zoning with existing land use.

Of the five corrective zoning remappings, two have been addressed in part and one is in progress. Recreation centers and public open spaces have been rezoned in Strawberry Mansion, Brewerytown and North Central.

RM-1, CMX-2 (commercial-residential mix), and I-2 (general industrial) blocks have been rezoned to RSA-5 in single-family blocks which no longer contain businesses.

Zoning to Advance the Plan encourages development and land uses envisioned by the community through the district planning process. These recommendations are based on the future land use map, not the land use that exists today.

Of the seven zoning remappings to advance the plan, four have been addressed in part and one is in progress. Obsolete commercial properties have been rezoned in Strawberry Mansion, Brewerytown and North Central.

Properties on 29th Street across from the Strawberry Square shopping center, and on a small stretch of Ridge Avenue, have been rezoned to encourage commercial development.

Formerly I-2 properties along the Northeast Rail Corridor have been downzoned to lower intensity ICMX (industrial-commercial mix).

Front Street and Frankford Avenue in Fishtown have been rezoned to encourage higher density commercial development.

In 2016, staff advanced remappings (both corrective and to advance the plan) in South Kensington, allowing most of the neighborhood to transition to residential reuse, while maintaining the ability of light industrial business owners to continue providing nearly 600 jobs.

The recommendation for a zoning overlay to preserve light industrial activities in South Kensington, Norris Square and West Kensington and to require that new industry is designed to complement existing residential, commercial and industrial development has been reconsidered in light of neighborhood opposition.

In 2017, staff advanced remappings in Norris Square and West Kensington, clarifying where mutiple-family units would be allowed by right, and where single-family units would be most appropriate.  Obsolete commercial and medium industrial (I-2) zoning transitioned to residential (RM-1 or RSA-5) or open space (SP-PO-A) zoning.

Staff anticipates continuing remapping Ludlow, Eastern North Philadelphia/Hartranft, the Village of Arts and Humanities, and the remaining sections of Norris Square/West Kensington through autumn 2017.



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