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Lower Northeast Focus Areas

The Lower Northeast District Plan has three focus areas: Castor Avenue Commercial Corridor, Frankford Transportation Center, and Frankford Gateway.

Reimagining these areas as more dynamic economically, aesthetically, or functionally can have a transformational effect. These long-term visions provide inspiration and a framework as smaller improvements occur incrementally.

The three Lower Northeast District Plan Focus Areas

Castor Avenue Commercial Corridor

Located in a neighborhood with rapid population growth and convenient access to public transportation, Castor Avenue can become the premiere multicultural destination in the Lower Northeast. The Castor Avenue Commercial Corridor focus area illustrates potential building massing and uses associated with CMX-2.5 zoning. This zoning change is recommended to encourage development that can help meet the area’s need for more diverse housing options while providing a more active and welcoming streetscape.

Castor Avenue Rendering

Frankford Transportation Center

The Frankford Transportation Center (FTC) focus area aims to create a neighborhood center though streetscape improvements and the development of a new health and wellness center. The FTC serves thousands of people every day, but its pedestrian environment lacks definition. Improved public space, together with the addition of a new health and wellness center would transform the area into a complete neighborhood center.

More than 680,000 Philadelphians can reach FTC on transit without any transfers. An additional 50,000 residents of Montgomery and Bucks Counties have the same access.

Frankford Gateway

The Frankford Gateway focuses on the southern part of Frankford and its historic, creative, and natural resources. This section of Frankford includes many unique resources that could be strengthened through better connectivity and thoughtful urban design measures.

A first step to realizing this vision includes streetscape improvements to Church Street and the creation public spaces on vacant lots. Longer-range recommendations include creating a continuous greenway along the Frankford Creek, and reviving Frankford’s heritage though the adaptive reuse of industrial buildings and a focus on historic preservation.

Church Street Rendering




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