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Lower Northeast Zoning Remapping

The Lower Northeast District Plan includes nineteen zoning recommendations that will encourage the desired land uses identified in the plan that were generated and vetted throughout the district plan public outreach process. Two different types of zoning recommendations are included in the plan- corrective zoning and zoning to advance the plan. Corrective zoning recommendations align the zoning with the current land use and zoning to advance the plan recommendations are those that further the implementation of recommendations within the plan.

Both corrective zoning and zoning to advance the plan recommendations have been introduced and passed by City Council since the Lower Northeast District Plan was adopted. For example, correcting zoning was applied to accurately zone recreational sites and to ensure that the appropriate zoning district was in place along commercial corridors and in residential neighborhoods. Zoning to advance the plan was used to allow for new commercial opportunities and innovative industry. Remapping work will continue in the Lower Northeast District as additional recommendations are implemented.




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