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Lower Northwest Implementation

There are 41 recommendations in the Lower Northwest District Plan. The recommendations are organized into the three forward-looking themes: THRIVE, CONNECT, and RENEW. These themes reflect the goals and strategies of the Citywide Vision. 11 recommendations have been identified as “Priority Recommendations.”

A number of factors including previous master plans or feasibility studies, strong public support, and availability of resources determined which recommendations were prioritized. Priority recommendations are found on page 73 of the plan and cover a wide range of issues and areas.

Of the 41 recommendations, implementation is in progress for 9.



LNW 1, LNW 6 Strengthen neighborhood centers by developing viable commercial corridors – IN PROGRESS:  Planning Commission staff is currently working in the East Falls and Central Roxborough communities to update zoning in order to bring more vibrancy and viability to the Ridge Avenue commercial corridor.

LNW 5 Stabilize and upgrade existing housing stock – COMPLETE: The Central Roxborough Neighborhood Conservation Overlay (NCO) was adopted in December 2014.  Its purpose is to require new construction to be consistent with existing character of the built environment.


LNW 8 Encourage institutional development and expansion through policy and careful consideration of land resources – IN PROGRESS: Philadelphia University in East Falls is currently engaging with the community to develop a campus master plan and accompanying SP-INS zoning district.



LNW 13 Invest in existing infrastructure to improve service and attract riders – IN PROGRESS:  SEPTA is currently studying the feasibility of adding double-decker rail cars to Regional Rail Lines.  This would allow for greater passenger capacity on the Manayunk/Norristown Line.  Roll out is projected for 2018.

LNW 15, LNW 18, IVY RIDGE FOCUS AREA Invest in existing infrastructure to improve service and attract riders – IN PROGRESS:  DVRPC is kicking off the Ivy Ridge Station Intermodal Study.  This project will develop a concept plan for a redesigned and expanded Ivy Ridge Station in Philadelphia, including structured parking, integrated bus, auto, and bike/ped access, and support for station-area or station-integrated development.  This study is the first implementation piece of the Ivy Ridge Focus Area.

LNW 19 Expand on- and off-street networks serving pedestrians and bicyclists – IN PROGRESS:  Philadelphia Streets Department is scheduled to install bicycle climbing lanes on Midvale and Shawmont Avenues in 2015.


Open Space

LNW 28 Eliminate all existing trail gaps in the upper Schuylkill River trail within city boundaries – IN CONSTRUCTION:  As a part of a new residential development along the Schuylkill River in Lower Merion, O’Neill Properties is constructing the Pencoyd Bridge “gap” of the Schuylkill River Trail.

LNW 30 Improve and increase waterfront recreation opportunities – IN PROGRESS:  Philadelphia Parks & Recreation is currently in the construction bid process for the dredging of the Manayunk Canal.

Historic Preservation

LNW 37 Preserve culturally, historically, and architecturally significant buildings, sites, structures, and districts – IN PROGRESS:  Philadelphia Historical Commission is currently preparing a nomination for Frank Furness’ Roxborough Home for Women onto the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.



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