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STATUS: ADOPTED by PCPC – March 20, 2012

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About the Lower South District:

Lower South is a corner of Philadelphia that attracts thousands of visitors and employees to the sports complex and Navy Yard from across the region.  But to most it remains an unexplored place with unknown potential.  Lower South is very different than other planning districts because it is primarily nonresidential in character and broken into large, distinct areas with limited access and use.  There are nearly three times the number of people employed here than residents.

Lower South is largely non-residential and includes the sports complex, the Navy Yard; large industrial areas, including port, food distribution, and shipbuilding facilities; Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Park.

Lower South has great potential for further population and employment growth that will be aided by infrastructure investments, phased development of City-owned land, and proper land use and zoning changes as recommended in this district plan.



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Lower South HIA completed

The Lower South HIA focuses on key project recommendations from the Lower South District Plan and their potential impact on health outcomes.

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