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Lower South Zoning Remapping

As a culmination of the existing conditions, community input, and plan recommendations, a future land use map is created and zoning remappings are recommended as a part of the district planning process. The Lower South District Plan recommends five remappings overall: three corrective zoning remappings and two zoning remappings to advance the plan.  this map shows the five recommended zoning remappings.

Corrective Zoning matches zoning with existing land use. These recommendations align zoning to existing land use. These are the tree corrective zoning areas:

  1. The triangle of Penrose Avenue, 20th Street, and Pattison Avenue: This area includes apartments, single-family homes, and commercial businesses, but it is currently zoned for a mix of light industrial and multifamily residential. Corrective action would eliminate industrial zoning and rezone the properties to appropriate classifications that reflect their current use.
  2. The Southern Boulevard neighborhood near Broad and Geary Streets:              The existing housing is single family but is zoned RM-1, which allows multifamily residential. In addition, the raised berm that acts as the barrier between the neighbors and the sports complex is zoned commercial. Corrective action would rezone the residential properties to RSA-5 and the berm to SP-STA or SP-OP-A.
  3. The CSX-owned property east of Broad Street, between I-95 and the Navy Yard: This land is freight railroad right- of-way, but is currently zoned recreation SP-OP-A, which is limited to parkland under city, state, or federal government jurisdiction that must be actively used recreational land. Corrective action would rezone the land to an appropriate industrial district.

Zoning to Advance the Plan encourages new development and land uses envisioned by the community through the district planning process. These recommendations are based on the future land use map, not the land use that exists today. These two remappings revolve correspond to the Sports Complex and Former Naval Hospital focus areas.

    4. The Naval Hospital site: Half of this parcel is zoned SP-OP-A open space and half is RSA-5 single-family rowhouse residential. A zoning map revision to map the entire site RSA-5 is recommended since land is not actively used for recreation but used for parking, and the long-term vision for this site is residential.
    5. Sports Complex: The sports complex has its own specific zoning district, SP-STA, which is mapped only in this one location. The SP-STA District is a master plan zoning district that requires PCPC or City Council approval of any changes to the approved master plan.  this place recommends updating the Master Plan to reflect current development and lease agreements and evaluate the updated SP-STA District to determine if any modifications or additions are necessary to allow the sports complex to develop in the future.



Lower South HIA completed

The Lower South HIA focuses on key project recommendations from the Lower South District Plan and their potential impact on health outcomes.

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