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River Wards Implementation

There are 49 recommendations in the Central District Plan. The recommendations are organized into the three forward-looking themes: THRIVE, CONNECT, and RENEW. These themes reflect the goals and strategies of the Citywide Vision. Nine recommendations have been identified as “Priority Recommendations.”

A number of factors including previous master plans or feasibility studies, strong public support, and availability of resources determined which recommendations were prioritized. Priority recommendations are found on page 91 of the plan and cover a wide range of issues and areas.

Of the 49 recommendations, implementation is in progress for two.


The River Wards District Plan includes 23 RENEW recommendations. Two of these are in progress, ongoing, or complete, including:


RW 29 Identify a site and create public waterfront parks in the Bridesburg neighborhood on the North Delaware Waterfront, perhaps adjacent to the intersections of Orthodox and Brill Street and the Delaware Avenue Extension. – IN PROGRESS: The Department of Parks and Recreation began a series of meetings in August 2015 to gather input on the design of a new park at Orthodox Street on the Delaware River.


RW 47 Use excess cartway and unused right-of-way to create a pedestrian plaza at Frankford and Lehigh Avenue and York and Moyer. – IN PROGRESS: The Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities began a study in August 2015 to redesign an unused portion of Moyer Street from York Street / Aramingo Avenue to Hagert Street.  The study is funded through federal Transportation and Community Development Initiative dollars.



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