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Upper North Zoning Remapping

As a culmination of the existing conditions, community input, and plan recommendations, a future land use map is created and zoning remappings are recommended. The Upper North District Plan recommends remappings in 12 broad categories, 6 of which are corrective remappings and 6 of which are zoning remappings to advance the plan.

Corrective Zoning aligns zoning with existing land use. The overwhelming majority of proposed corrective actions are intended to prevent by-right conversion of single-family homes to multifamily uses in areas that are less well-served by transit and other infrastructure. In addition, existing commercial and industrial properties are proposed to be remapped to reflect their existing uses. Finally, parks and open space are proposed to be mapped as such. 

Zoning to Advance the Plan encourages new development and land uses envisioned by the community through the district planning process. These recommendations are intended to facilitate changes in land use over time. Proposed remappings include zoning for higher density near the Broad & Olney transit node, updating campus master plan zoning at LaSalle University, transitioning to residential uses on less-active commercial corridors, and removing high-intensity industrial uses from residential areas.



Upper North District Plan Released

On November 15th, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission adopted the final plan for the Upper North District. Click the image above to download the plan (PDF, 220 MB)


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