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West Park Zoning Remapping

As a culmination of the existing conditions, community input, and plan recommendations, a future land use map is created and zoning remappings are recommended. The West Park District Plan recommends 11 remappings overall: six corrective zoning remappings and five zoning remappings to advance the plan.

Corrective Zoning matches zoning with existing land use. Many of these remappings involve commercial zoning in residential areas or recreation centers and parks that are not zoned Open Space. Other corrective remappings involve institutional areas that are zoned for other uses.

Zoning to Advance the Plan encourages new development and land uses envisioned by the community through the district planning process. These recommendations are based on the future land use map, not the land use that exists today. These remappings revolve around the focus areas: transit oriented on 52nd Street and mixed-use on Parkside Avenue.



Planning & Health in West Park

A new report from PCPC and the Department of Public Health examines the West Park District Plan’s content through the lens of improving community health.

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